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Jet Surf is based on a synergistic combination of powerful anionic surfactants that provide superior surface and penetration activity to dramatically improve and enhance Jet-Ag® peroxyacetic acid and other insecticides, fungicides and herbicide products commonly used in crop production.

How it Works


Jet-Surf disrupts the biological lipid membranes of bacteria, fungi and some viruses.


Jet Surf allows for better coverage on crops by decreasing the surface tension of water.


Jet Surf helps insecticides work better by helping the pesticide enter the vascular system of the insect.

What is a Surfactant? 

The word surfactant is short for Surface Acting Agent.  Surfactants reduce the surface tension of water. This helps liquids disperse more evenly over surfaces including the surface of leaves of crops.


This improves the action of any fungicide/ pesticide because of the better distribution of chemicals.
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