Dedicated to Quality

Jet Harvest is dedicated to the development and delivery of quality biological products for disease and decay control of agricultural crops.  Jet Harvest is committed to being your supplier of high quality peroxyacetic acid (PAA) sanitizers for disease and decay control of agricultural and horticultural crops and plants.  Jet Harvest is dedicated to be your Food Safety specialists for quality standards of food safety from the field to your grocery store.  Most Jet Harvest products are EPA registered materials and allowed for organic use.


A Family-Owned Business 

Jet Harvest was founded in 2004 by Lucie and Bill Grant through the acquisition of the Bio-Save division of EcoScience (Village Farms). Our flagship biological, Bio-Save an EPA registered biopesticide, was developed in the early 90’s and has been an extremely effective biological pesticide in the marketplace for post-harvest disease control for potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, cherries, citrus (oranges, grapefruit and lemons) and sugar beets.

In 2006, Jet Harvest expanded their product line to include EPA registered peroxyacetic acid (PAA), Jet-Oxide 5 and 15, and Jet-Ag. The company now has labeled products for the treatment of fruits & vegetables for pre-harvest crop application, post-harvest, and food safety applications. Our labels also include treatment of irrigated water, thermal fogging of fruits, vegetables and storage facilities.

In 2013, Jet Harvest added plant-based specialty biologicals, including Osmopro for fruit cracking and for enhanced plant cell osmoregulation and crop performance under conditions of environmental stress.

We have also added for soil and foliar applications of beneficial bacteria, BioSoil, along with foliar surfactants that can be added to Jet-Ag for improved efficacy. We carry fruit and vegetable wash along with Steroklor, and EPA registered, triple action powdered chlorine cleaner and disinfectant for food safety uses. 

Jet Harvest distributes throughout the Unites States and has registered products in Canada.




President - Director of Product Development 

Merritt Island, FL


North Carolina State University- Food Science

EPA Regulatory, New Product Development, Product Technical Support

Ph: 407-619-3421

Email: lgrant@jetharvest.com


Southeast Sales Representative 

Wauchula, FL

South Florida State College – Applied Sciences  

Sales Responsibilities for Florida, Southern Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi

Ph: 407-907-5518

Email: kroyal@jetharvest.com


Regulatory Specialist

San Diego, CA


University of San Diego School of Law



Ph: 407-928-9648

Email: egrant@jetharvest.com 


Vice President - Director of Business Development 

Merritt Island, FL


University of Central Florida - Business 


Manages Sales Staff, Distribution Channels and Marketing Initiatives

Ph: 407-257-6730

Email: bgrant@jetharvest.com


Pacific Northwest (PNW) Sales Representative 

West Richland, WA

Washington State University – AG & Food Systems 

Sales responsibilities for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Western Montana

Ph: 509-539-4343

Email: mohl@jetharvest.com


Northeast Sales Representative 

Dresden ME

Ph: 978-916-7129 

Email:  jpeterson@jetharvest.com