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A naturally occurring OsmoProtectant - Wettable Powder

Glycine Betaine (96%)

An osmolyte compound; cell osmotic pressure regulator

100% plant origin, extract from sugar beet vinasses (molasses)

In plants, glycine betaine acts as a protectant by adjusting the osmotic balance inside the plant cells and tissue. This anti-stress agent helps the plants overcome environmental stress situations, like drought, high and low temperatures and soil salinity.

Enhances Photosynthesis

& Nitrogen Fixation

Increased Resistance to Drought and Salinity

Increased Enhances Coloration & Uniformity

Less Physiological


Improves Flower

Retention & Fruit Setting


Glycine Betaine

Glycine Betaine is a water soluble osmoprotectant found in many organisms and plants. In nature, it is synthesized and accumulated in response to environmental stress to protect the plant cell. When sprayed on the plant canopy, OsmoPro penetrates through the plant surface and translocates throughout the plant within 24 hours and remains metabolically active for a minimum of 21 days. 

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Prevents Cherry Cracking 

The permeable skin of cherries allows surface water into the fruit, equalizing the osmotic potential in the fruit. This process causes the cherries to swell and crack.

OsmoPro treats over 45,000 acres of cherries worldwide each season.

Prevents Tip Burn in Salad Crops 

High humidity and limited ventilation disrupt calcium migration to the growing peripheral tissues, causing necrosis.


OsmoPro promotes the retention of nutrients under cover and in the field. 

Prevents Bitter Pits in Apples

This disorder is the result of a lack of calcium in the fruit. With OsmoPro, Calcium and Boron are quickly absorbed by leaves supported by the presence of glycine betaine which is ideal for treating bitter pit in apples and blossom end rot in tomato and capsicum.

Click here to view the Osmopro Technical Data Sheet 

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Prevents Citrus Greening

Citrus studies with Osmopro have shown  5% or better fruit set increases at rates of about 4.4 pounds/acre with equal weight per fruit.

Application Rates: 

OsmoPro is applied as an aqueous solution to the canopy. Adjuvant is recommended in order to maximize penetration through the leaf surface. 

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