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Microbial Growth Promoter (PGPR) - Liquid Foliar & Soil Inoculant

LalRise Boost is an innovative plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR). The active ingredient (Delftia acidovorans) is active in the soil and rapidly colonizes the root zone of a plant. LalRise Boost is attracted to root exudates and will move toward growing roots letting the bacteria colonize quickly and positively impact plant root growth.


Delftia acidovorans (living microbial)

1 Million viable Delftia per mil

Gram-negative bacterium

Organic Carrots

Improves root vigor and root mass, helping the plant access more water and nutrients in limiting environmental conditions.

Aggressively colonizes roots and out-competes other soil bacteria and fungi.

Allows for more elemental SULFUR to be available for uptake to plant.

Plant hormone enhancer which drives early rooting.


Foliar Spray

Overhead Irrigation / Broadcast

In-furrow Starter or Side Dress


1. Shake well to achieve uniform suspension of the product. 

2. Apply LalRise Boost in the morning or evening, in cooler temperatures.

3. Can be tank mixed and applied with the first post-emergent application.

4. If tank mixing with recommended herbicide, add the bacterial solution last.

5. Recommended water rates assist LalRise Boost in entering the soil (see label).

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